Lo visto y lo leído June 3, 2012

  • La Jornada Morelos en Internet
    El blog le vino a dar sus madrazos a los escritores. Por un lado, se demostró que cualquiera tiene cualidades para escribir lo que se le venga en gana y en el momento que se le hinche en dedos, con o sin preparación en escuelas de escritores o talleres literarios y sin importar si es un escritor que ha salido a los medios a mostrar su tinta y sus ganas de pavonearse por los pasillos editoriales.
  • The Dorklyst: The 6 Cruelest Hoaxes & Urban Legends in Videogame History (Page 2) – Dorkly Article
    Legend had it there was a specially modded version of Pokemon Red/Blue, called Pokemon Black – and it’s creepy as hell. The game begins very much as Red/Blue did, with one exception – in addition to your chosen starter Pokemon, you have another Pokemon, caled “Ghost” – and you cannot remove it from your party. It’s represented by the unidentified Ghost sprite you see before obtaining the Silph Scope, and it knows one move, called “Curse” (although – not the same “Curse” move present in later generations of Pokemon). And when you use Curse on wild Pokemon, the screen will simply go to black and you would hear a low-pitched cry. When the battle screen came back, the opposing Pokemon was gone. When used against a trainer’s Pokemon, they would be left with one less Pokeball.

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